Updated 2/14/2018

Operated by Keoki Stender, manufacturer-trained service technician with 25 years experience in the scuba diving industry.  Direct to customer and wholesale to dive centers. 

Call or text (808) 234-4971 to schedule drop-off and pickup appointment, Monday - Saturday 10am to 9pm, Sunday 1pm to 9pm.  See map below. 
Supported brands include Aqualung, US Divers, Seaquest, Apeks, Aeris, Oceanic, Hollis, Atomic, Scubapro, Subgear, Mares, Sherwood, TUSA, Zeagle, Poseidon, IST, XS Scuba, Interspiro, OTS, and AP Diving rebreathers.  Honors valid Aqualung, Apeks, Oceanic, AUP, Scubapro, and TUSA free parts replacement program for registered original owner with proof of purchase and contnuous service record provided before service begins.  Questions are welcome.  Not sure if your gear is supported?  Email a photo and I'll let you know.  Find or add your model to the regulator index.

Repair BCD punctures, seams, zippers, tank cradles
Change computer batteries
Do cylinder inspections, hydro testing, air fills
Service camera housings
Repair snorkeling equipment

Since Dacor's closure in 2004 genuine parts are no longer available with the exception of the Viper 2nd stage, which continues to be supported by Mares as the MV Octopus.  Lack of inexpensive replacement parts for many regulators more than 15 years old is best solved by a trade-in.  Cracked BCD elbows, dump valves, and bladder punctures cannot be repaired but can also be traded-in, as well as broken dive computers.  Call for more information.

Regulator overhaul is recommended after 50-100 hours of use, or 12-24 months with proper post-dive care for the average user, or sooner for professional/rental use.  BCD hose valves & o-rings and SPG hose swivels should also be replaced at time of service. 

A free pre-inspection and function test is conducted prior to disassembly.  In situations where the equipment is deemed unfit or too costly to justify repairs, alternatives will be discussed.  By industry standards, once equipment is disassembled, new o-rings and seats supplied within factory service kits must be installed and tested to ensure proper function; it should not be reassembled with old parts and placed into service.

Complete service/overhaul includes a pre-inspection to gather baseline performance data and note external deficiencies.  Upon disassembly any major components no longer fit for use will be noted for replacement.  Metal parts are degreased and corrosion removed with a heated ultrasonic bath; plastic and soft parts are degreased, scrubbed, rinsed, and dried.  New parts from the manufacturer's service kit are inspected and prepared for reassembly according to the official service manual.  After assembly the 1st stage intermediate pressure is adjusted/set and the 2nd stages are tuned according to manufacturer specification.  Pressure gauge swivels and BCD inflator hose valves are also replaced.  BCD's inflators are overhauled , and dump valves are cleaned.  An inflation test is conducted to locate any leaks; bladder punctures cannot be repaired.

Aqualung, Apeks, Oceanic, Hollis, TUSA, and Scubapro offer the original owner free service kit credit at overhaul.  To qualify the owner must provide proof of purchase, plus uninterrupted proof of annual inspection every 12 months, and full overhaul with free kits every 24 months, +/- 30 days of purchase date anniversary except TUSA, which must be serviced annually.  It is important to adhere to this schedule to receive credit and provide these records before service.  Check your owner's manual for program details.  Please note that service kits may not include all parts replaced during overhaul, such as air spools, static o-rings, and inflator hose valves.
Oxygen-compatible Christolube is used for all standard work which is compatible with nitrox containing up to 39% oxygen.  Special procedures to render components ready for oxygen-service (>39%) must be specified beforehand. 

Regulator seats are subject to a break-in period that may result in a slight leak (hissing) after a few dives / 2 months; some models are more temperamental than others.  While great effort is made to account for break-in, readjustment is provided at no additional cost in the absence of abuse, neglect, or contamination. 

Cash, checks, credit cards, PayPal accepted upon pickup.

LABOR RATES (does not include parts)  
Regulator - 1st stage, primary 2nd stage, alternate                   $35 per stage
Air 2 / Airsource / SS1 alternate plus inflator overhaul $40
BCD standard inflator overhaul, based on time required $10-30
I3 BCD Inflator / Flat E-valve overhaul $35
Annual inspection / bench test $15
Cylinder valve overhaul $20
Oxygen-clean surcharge (per regulator set) $15
Rebreather Loop / Head $250
Retail dive centers call for wholesale rates  

Keoki's Scuba
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(808) 234-4971

Left half of duplex.  Yellow light at front door.  Please park on lawn or street.
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